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By Martin I. Boyer, James Chang MD

100 Hand Cases presents a scientific write-up of a hundred commonplace instances from globally well-known gurus who move over among cosmetic surgery and orthopedics, the 2 specialties devoted to education hand surgeons.

The instances during this booklet percentage a concise strategy consisting of:

  • A description of the problem
  • Key anatomy
  • Workup
  • Treatment
  • Alternatives
  • Principles and medical pearls
  • Pitfalls
  • Classic references with regards to the case

Full-color photos and radiographs are integrated in every one case, in addition to a dialogue of the authors’ most popular therapy solution.

Presented in a hugely templated, high-yield layout, 100 Hand Cases is a perfect quickly reference for college kids and trainees getting ready for clinics and the working room, in addition to busy surgeons wanting a quick reminder on key information.

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100 Hand Cases

A hundred Hand instances offers a medical write-up of a hundred ordinary circumstances from globally well-known gurus who go over among cosmetic surgery and orthopedics, the 2 specialties devoted to education hand surgeons. The circumstances during this e-book percentage a concise technique along with: an outline of the matter Key anatomy Workup remedy possible choices rules and medical pearls Pitfalls vintage references concerning the case Full-color pictures and radiographs are incorporated in each one case, in addition to a dialogue of the authors’ most well liked remedy resolution.

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A terminal branch of the radial sensory nerve lies directly on the tendon of the extensor pollicis longus, over the thumb metacarpal. This branch is at risk of iatrogenic injury in dorsal approaches to the distal radius on release of the third dorsal compartment and in radiodorsal approaches to the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint. Workup An electrophysiologic assessment is unreliable in the diagnosis of this condition. Plain radiographs are useful to rule out associated bony injury, and an MRI may help to rule out associated soft tissue injury or tendinitis.

Fixation of the arthrodesis is challenging and can involve circular fixation, screws, K-wires, or bone staples. • Arthrodesis is confirmed by progressive plain radiographic opacification of the STT joint and possibly an orthogonal CT scan. Complications of surgical arthrodesis include nonunion, infection, wound dehiscence, radial sensory nerve irritation or injury, lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve irritation or injury, and incomplete pain relief. Radial artery injury can occur; a preoperative Allen test to demonstrate the ulnar arterial supply to the thumb and radial hand should be performed.

On examination, she has tenderness on palpation of her p ­ isotriquetral joint and on palpation of her pisiform. Ulnar nerve–innervated muscles in her hand are at full strength, and blood flow through the ulnar artery is normal (volar arterial flow is through two intact arches). Radiograph demonstrates a narrow ­pisotriquetral joint with subchondral sclerosis taken as an obliquely positioned radiograph. Description of the Problem Loss of articular cartilage between the dorsal aspect of the pisiform and the volar aspect of the triquetrum can become symptomatic.

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