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By Ron MacKay, Don Greer

The 20 th Fighter staff joined the eighth Air strength Command in Dec of '43, flying the P-38 in lengthy diversity bomber escort position. the crowd later switched over to the P-51 in July of '44. the crowd destroyed a complete of 449 enemy plane in the course of its wrestle journey. Over one hundred fifty pictures, eight pages of colour, eighty pages

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Thus we shall help to give the Turkish Army the additional air support which they need to sustain their famous military qualities. But, more than that, we shall place Turkey in a position, once our squadrons are on the Turkish aerodromes, to threaten to bombard the Rumanian oilfields if any German advance is made into Bulgaria, or if the air personnel already in Bulgaria is not speedily withdrawn. We will undertake not to take such action from Turkish airfields except by agreement with you. 59 The Grand Alliance 60 There is more to come.

Beyond it lie risks not necessary to detail. Leaving an adequate defensive force there in a fortified position, the rest of the army should be withdrawn to Egypt and the Middle East, where a strong army [of] manoeuvre will be required against possible attack through the Balkans. 2. I would however suggest that at such a stage liquidation of the Abyssinian situation should also be considered. Conquest of Abyssinia would mean a The Grand Alliance deadly blow at Mussolini’s prestige and at the Fascist plunder.

I cannot say any more yet of the operations which we are planning or which may become necessary, for these plans are being drawn up at this very moment. The strength of our forces will in any case be such that any threat of lateral countermanoeuvre will be excluded. It is simply necessary, Duce, that you stabilise your front in Albania so as to contain at least a part of the Greek and Anglo-Greek forces. 32 The Grand Alliance 6. Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia is prudently gaining time. If circumstances are favourable it may be that she will conclude a non-aggression pact with us, but it seems now that she will not adhere in any case to the Tripartite Pact.

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