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An in depth come across: The Marine touchdown on Tinian through Richard Harwood

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The Fourth Marine Division in World War II (Nashville, 1988); Henry I. , Bernard C. Nalty, Edwin T. S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II, vol III (Washing- In A Different War: Marines in Europe and North Africa, page 32 reports Adm Hewitt visited the cruiser "Helena (CL-So)" in spring 1946. This cruiser was sunk in 1943. The ship the admiral boarded was its successor, the heavy cruiser Helena (CA-75). On page 27 of Liberation: Marines in the Recapture of Guam, the 77th Infantry Division patrolled hills to the east, rather than to the west.

Cates, commanding general, DIRECTOR OF MARINE CORPS HISTORY AND MUSEUMS Brigadier General Edwin H. C. Their 4th Marine Division; LtCol Justice M. Chambers, commanding officer, 3d Battalion, 25th Marines; MajGen Carl W. Hoffman, commanding officer, Company C, 2d Battalion, 8th Marines; Gen Robert E. 1-fogaboom, G-3, Northern Troops Landing Force; MajGen Louis R. Jones, commanding officer, 23d Marines; BGen Frederick J. Karch, S-3, 14th Ma:rines; MajGen Wood B. Kyle, com- manding officer, 1st Battalion, 2d Marines; MajGen William W.

The overhead poncho provides some protection from Tinian's constant rains. Marines, Col Clarence R. Wallace, checks the progress of his fered in this brief operation more It was not long after the initial landing that Marines encountered the civilian than 1,100 casualties, including 212 population of Tinian. Here Marines bathe a tiny Tinian girl after she and her family killed. Its next assignment would be had been removed from a hillside dugout. Following the scrubbing, new clothes were found for the children and the entire family was taken to a place of safety in the rear Iwo Jima.

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