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By Corentin Schreiber

This thesis offers a pioneering process for gleaning the utmost info from the inner most photos of the far-infrared universe acquired with the Herschel satellite tv for pc, attaining galaxies fainter by way of an order of importance than in past experiences. utilizing those top of the range measurements, the writer first demonstrates that the majority of galaxy big name formation didn't ensue in merger-driven starbursts over ninety% of the historical past of the universe, which means that galaxy progress is in its place ruled by means of a gentle infall of topic. the writer extra demonstrates that vast galaxies undergo a gentle decline of their big name formation job, offering another course for galaxies to forestall celebrity formation. one of many key unsolved questions in astrophysics is how galaxies obtained their mass during cosmic time. within the ordinary idea, the merging of galaxies performs an immense function in forming new stars. Then, previous galaxies without notice cease forming stars via an unknown strategy. Investigating this idea calls for an independent degree of the megastar formation depth of galaxies, which has been unavailable a result of dirt obscuration of stellar light.

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2014), applying their methodology to the distant Universe, where the slope of the Main Sequence is found to be different. The aim is to check if their result also holds at early epochs, and draw further conclusions on the link with quenching. 2 The Main Questions 25 In Chap. 5 I also approach the study of this varying slope from another angle, by measuring directly the gas content in these galaxies to see whether the decrease of the SFR is caused by a reduction of the gas fraction f gas , or a lowered star formation efficiency (SFE).

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