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By Wrede R., Spiegel M.

This version is a entire advent to the fundamental rules of recent mathematical research. insurance proceeds shape the common point to complex and study degrees. Additions to this version contain Rademacher's theorem on differentiability of Lipschitz features, deeper formulation on switch of variables in a number of integrals, and fresh effects at the extension of differentiable capabilities Numbers -- Sequences -- features, limits, and continuity -- Derivatives -- Integrals -- Partial derivatives -- Vectors -- functions of partial derivatives -- a number of integrals -- Line integrals, floor integrals, and indispensable theorems -- endless sequence -- incorrect integrals -- Fourier sequence -- Fourier integrals -- Gamma and Beta capabilities -- services of a fancy variable

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N(n − 1) , . . , nCn = 1 are 1. This is called the binomial theorem. The coefficients n C0 = 1, n C1 = n, n C2 = 2! ⎛n⎞ called the binomial coefficients. nCr is also written ⎜ ⎟ . 96. Express each of the following integers (scale of 10) in the scale of notation indicated: (a) 87 (two), (b) 64 (three) (c) 1736 (nine). Check each answer. Ans. 97. If a number is 144 in the scale of 5. what is the number in the scale of (a) 2 and (b) 8? 98. Prove that every rational number p/q between 0 and 1 can be expressed in the form p a1 a2 .

Since this sequence has no limit, the series diverges. 28. L. + un = l. L. + υn Let un = υn + l. We must show that lim 1 = 0 if lim υn = 0. Now n →∞ n →∞ n . . . υ1 + υ2 + L + υn υ1 + υ2 + L + υ p υ p +1 + υ p + 2 + L. +. L. + υ p + υ P + 2 + L. . + υn υ υ1 + υ2 + L. . + υn < + P +1 n n n (1) CHAPTER 2 Sequences 37 Since lim νn = 0, we can choose P so that ⏐νn⏐ < ⑀/2 for n > P. L. L. + ε /2 (n − P )ε /2 ε = < n n 2 (2) After choosing P, we can choose N so that for n > N > P, υ1 + υ2 + L.

Prove that the set of (a) all real numbers and (b) all irrational numbers is noncountable. 61. B or AB, is the set consisting of all elements The intersection of two sets A and B, denoted by A belonging to both A and B. Prove that if A and B are countable, so is their intersection. 62. Prove that a countable sets of countable sets is countable. 63. Prove that the cardinal number of the set of points inside a square is equal to the cardinal number of the sets of points on (a) one side and (b) all four sides.

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