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S is. ,.. > f-}/1\M,d'tGM. JJ. {C~ ~t ~ 1--. fu ;t-~. tJ.. e~7 /3 -~. td. e.. ~ Y\crW tits ~. "'+ ~s. _ 0-"0'0. ~ U-pOV\ 1_. __ ct a. ~ (,(-SLOl~cJ Off, u. c.... IS O() ~iS. A>. W-\I\. /{~ to- JV\", M. -l J-V. ) (ClS. ~cJ... Po. r--k. Jh. J. II 'I bl/3 1C5DD • 15~· 1]00 4-. cd. a.. d C~plt<:;: Memorandum with carbon copy and envelope . e at ~. \tlIII\~JQ~~ II ACTW ~ Envelope marked 'Confidential' Justified right margin 24-hour clock Abbreviations 20 TASK 19 (30 marks) Use an A4 memorandum form and take one carbon copy on yellow paper.

5 .. ;2~4. ""- £30 700 ,000 , WeifC. )oS ~3 I;).. -- 169S ~ II ggS .. flee 1155 IyP,St - Ruled tabulation (AS) Centred heading Column headings (divided) Weights and dimensions Ruling 24 TASK 24 (20 marks) From the following material, compile a ruled tabulation, as shown in the example provided. Rearrange into alphabetical order of Customers' names. ,,~J. /kckd;; Ltbl. J,tIIIA . 1I1f/t,rees. JE',Sao fA' tt~lfll~. ,.. G. ~11c1""cks . e-. stJUt~fIk. 'lao, Lcd.. 6s,,-. tl. t-lvfl. - Longmore & Sons.

AV'te.. \-(Q... t IS/7. R-4~~~·. t,v€. Details to be inserted onto fonn {Linked with Tasks 35 and 46} Typing onto lines Block capitals; Date change Completion of age detail Details to be inserted onto fonn {Linked with Task 36} Typing onto lines in correct order Interpolation (balloon) 39 TASK 39 (18 marks) Use plain white A4 paper and take a carbon copy. WHITECHAPEL EXPORTS LIMITED ~ _ ~ Air Travel Requisition This form, when completed, should be sent to the Chief Accountant, Gresham House, St Albans Road, Watford.

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