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By Jeffrey M. Paige

Paige' agrarian revolution supplied a theoretical framework which creatively explores the linkage among different types of fiscal and social association and collective political activities

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50 Lipset, Agrarian Socialism, pp. 25-26. , p. ). 48 A Theory of Rural Class Conflict 37 Cultivators drawin,their income from the land are not only frequently isolated from one anotheqbut also dependent on structural ties to noncultivators who provide the social services, agricultural credit. ) Peasant subsistence communities are typically dominated ,9y conservative politicoreligious hierarchies or by nearby landed estates, and (peasants are linked to both the community and estate leadership through ties of ficti,ve kinship, mutual aid, and coerci01.

3. This path indicates that payment ! ot.. collective political action leading to strong cultivator political organizationsy The nature of these organizations and their possibilities for SLlccess, however, dflJend not only on the interests of the wage workers but. i~if,~LP-9J1er O OiO'theagraflan"·upper "dass",' 'although in agricultu~al systems in-which land is 'theprI~ciopaTsource-'ofcuit1vator income the economics of production inhibit political organization whatever the nature of the agrarian upper class.

Only determined, efficient, disciplined action by a>1arg~:coordinated labor force can cope with these problems. If the banana crop iSlost, the corporation's railways, docks and loading facilities, and refrigerated ships must all stand idle. In such an industrial environment a uqionized labor force offers some advantages to offset the increased cost of labor. t~rket. okmptciesof .. - .. - ... , A Theory of Rural Class Conflict 23 small produce . :~~ic disa~~Admittedly this wei-est is long term, and in the short run the produceiS' association may succeed in retaining a greater share of its profits.

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