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Tank war, 1939-1945

Translated from the German through Jan van Heurck. with dw, BCA ed, 330pp

Heavy Jagdpanzer: Development - Production - Operations

This quantity within the sequence offers the Wehrmacht's heavy tank destroyers: Ferdinand, Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger with formerly unpublished pictures and motion studies.

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First, he had pleased his parents, his father especially, who conceded that at last young Possum was going to turn out all right. But more importantly, Hansell had finally determined his own c o u r s e a n d h a d s e t o u t o n t h e q u e s t o f h i s c h o o s i n g . 20 Hansell’s first duty assignment was with the 2d Bombard m e n t G r o u p at Langley Field, Virginia. Even though he was assigned to a bombardment group, he had piloted at least 12 different types of aircraft. His main interest at Langley was in testing the capabilities of various airplanes, and in so doing he was involved in three accidents.

Billy” McDonald , S g t J o h n H . “ L u k e ” W i l l i a m s o n , a n d L t H a y w o od “Possum” Hansell . ) 3 4 The team put in many hours of practice and put on per formances at Maxwell Field two or three times a week. Local 35 THE QUEST schools in Montgomery would sometimes be let out just to allow the children to watch their aerial feats. They soon becam e known as “Three Men on a Flying Trapeze,” w i t h C h e n n a u l t flying lead, Williamson flying as right wingman, Hansell flying as left wingman, and McDonald as alternate.

As a civilian o n t h e B a k e r B o a r d , James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle filed a minor ity report advocating the separation of the Air Corps f r o m t h e Army. 4 8 The Air Service Field Officer’s School w a s e s t a b l i s h e d a t Langley Field, Virginia, in 1921. The school was renamed the Air Corps Tactical School i n 1 9 2 6 a n d m o v e d i n 1 9 3 1 t o M a x well Field . The curriculum was originally designed to train field-grade officers in the Air Service a n d t h e n w a s e x p a n d e d to explore new ways to employ airpower.

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