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The generals who led the brigades, divisions, corps and armies of the Confederacy have been very principally items of an analogous expert backgrounds as their rivals in Union blue - certainly, a lot of them have been former West element classmates and brother officials within the pre-war US military, who had served jointly at the frontier or within the Mexican battle. when it comes to box event they have been additionally just like the majority of Union commanders - none of them had ever commanded quite a bit as a brigade sooner than 1861, and so they needed to study through trial and blunder. a few whose pre-war list had promised a lot have been to fail the try of warfare; a few extra imprecise officials have been to upward thrust to the problem remarkably. this primary of 2 volumes dedicated to the accomplice generals information the careers, personalities and visual appeal of 25 commanders who made their names mostly with the military of Northern Virginia within the jap theater of conflict.

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Even so, he was named temporary divisional 55 commander when Gustavus Smith was moved up to army command and then left the army. Porter Alexander, "Poor Whiting was a very hard drinker, & no one who knew him could but fear & wonder how he would acquit himself, off alone with his division ... " Whiting commanded his division at Seven Pines (Fair Oaks), in the Valley campaign, and in the Seven Days' Battles. In this last series of actions in late June 1862 he was very critical ofJackson, while rumors spread that Whiting had been under the influence of alcohol and done less than his fair share at Malvern Hill (1 July).

He is depicted here wearing regulation general officer's uniform with the short coat shown in a photograph, and high riding boots. Captain Charles Blackford attended a church service where he "heard the Rev. General Pendleton (A2) preach a very good sermon. His avocations were curiously mixed in his apparel. '" The British observer Arthur Fremantle noted in 1863 that Pendleton "continues to preach whenever he gets a chance. " He suffered from a disorder, cacoethes scribendi, which produced some remarkable facial distortions.

The men abuse him a great deal - but I think it is a good thing. Volunteers always abuse an Officer if he does his duty, and enforces discipline. But it amounts to nothing. Of one thing I am fully convinced, that an army undisciplined is very unreliable and almost worthless. " Staff officer Kyd Douglas noted that Whiting was "a quicktempered, as well as an excellent officer ... " In September 1861, President Davis directed that the army's regiments be placed in brigades by state, where previously they had been brigaded for reasons of location, numbers, and so forth.

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